Hello, I want to inform you that we have completed most of the functionality of the Cabinet.

Functionality available

  • EXEL export transactions from Ardor/Ignis/Bitswift/GPS and Nxt.
Report types
ALL TRANS - All transactions
AE - Trades and Transfer in Asset Exchange
MS - All transactions in Monetary System
TAX - Example for a tax report with a price at the moment.
  • Web-push notifications in Firefox and Chrome

Coming soon (2021)

  • Web-push notifications in Safari
  • Optimizing work speed
  • E-mail notifications
  • New report types
  • Balance history graph
  • Notification mobile app (IOS, Android)

How to use the Cabinet?

  1. Register — https://www.ardor.world/email/
  2. Log in — https://www.ardor.world/login/
  3. Add Wallet — https://www.ardor.world/cab/add_wallet/
  4. Add Device for notifications (go to the Cabinet from each device and allow notifications on this page.) — https://www.ardor.world/fcm/
  5. Add EXEL report https://www.ardor.world/cab/new_report/
  6. Wait for the DONE status in the report table.
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In work

  • (DONE) 1–3 week January 2021 — Web-push notifications and CSV export transactions in Ardor.World cabinet
  • January 2021 — GPS / BITSWIFT Asset Report
  • February 2021 — NFT Explorer

Coming soon

  • Monetary System Report for Ignis and others child chain (analogue https://www.ardor.world/ignis_reporting/)
  • Specific Blochchain Explorer DGS, Data, Alias and child chains
  • Ardor / Nxt Ecosystem resources(links board)
  • Graphic Gallery for Ardor/Nxt memes
  • Community Telegram Support Program
  • Adaptation for mobile devices and adding new languages.

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Ardor.world is designed to promote the use of the Nxt and Ardor blockchains.
One of the main tasks is to provide the community with convenient tools for working with blockchains and activity analysis.
The project is non-profit and exists through donations from the community.
All funds received at donation addresses go to rent a server, pay for freelancers, or save for future tasks.
From the very beginning of the project, there is a whole list of tasks that will be implemented in the future.
You can offer your idea for improving the project by e-mail support@ardor.world …

Nxt blockchain, has many features, this video shows one of them.

How to create a token in an Nxt blockchain and distribute dividends to token holders.

New features NRS v1.12.0e:

Added Asset Dividends payment by asset or currency. This allows paying asset
dividends not only in NXT, but also in any asset or monetary system currency.

Added Asset Properties feature, to allow setting arbitrary name/value metadata
on assets. Any user can set a property on any asset, only the asset issuer or
the user who sets the property can delete it.

Added Asset Increase transaction, allowing asset issuers to…

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  1. Nxt has been around for a long time, the network was launched in 2013, while there were still very few forks bitcoin with source code written from scratch.
  2. The team that is working on the project plans to develop the project further. And releases new products based on Nxt. Nxt Roadmap
  3. Periodically, projects appear that launch Nxt clones, and Nxt holders are entitled to 10% of the total number of coins thanks to the JPL license.
  4. In the Nxt blockchain, there are a lot of useful functions that are not in other projects. Nxt blockchain is a coin, decentralized messages…

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Ignis asset PLTDAO (id: 6847728502891713352)

Good afternoon dear friends! Today I want to present you a project of targeted financing of useful products with source code for the Nxt / Ardor ecosystem.

This project will address the issue of open funding for small community projects. I plan to organize crowdfunding for each task.

For these purposes, I create an asset on the blockchain Ignis PLTDAO (id: 6847728502891713352). The token will be used to vote on important issues PLTDAO project.


  • The token will be sold on the Ignis Asset Exchange at a price corresponding to ~0.03 USD
  • Tokens will be released 60 million PLTDAO
  • The…

Sergei Chumak

Blockchain enthusiast. Web developer #Python / #Django. Internet marketer. Creator http://ardor.world. Favorite blockchain projects: $Ardor, $Nxt, $Ignis.

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