I had to take a short vacation in July, but I’m busy with business again.


  • I am preparing a small limited release of API and catalog.
  • The design had to be put back to work because new ideas came up.

Ardor World Cabinet

  • Preparing to launch, almost 95% done.

Ardor.World New Blockchain Explorer

  • The status hasn’t changed here yet, but I’m working on it.

I think the upcoming releases will be a nice surprise)

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Together we will make the Ardor ecosystem great!



Rocket from the Internet that will fly to the moon


  • Finished the NFT creation mechanism on IGNIS and launched the micro API.
  • We are working on a trading bot, we are trying to implement the purchase of NFT using other cryptocurrencies.
  • Drawn 15 elements of the first collection



Dear friends! I decided to write project progress reports so that people know that the project is in an active stage.

- We design the platform interface
- Artists started creating 2 starter collections.
- Started developing the main module of the platform

Ardor World Cabinet
- Optimized reports and work speed
- Preparing interface update
- There are currently 145 registered users and 85 wallets added

Ardor.World New Blockchain Explorer
- Design ready
- Home page and wallet page ready
- To do: secondary pages and general optimization.

Ardor.World Bot Statistics
- 2075 users and 828 saved wallets
- 54 wallets subscribed to notifications



Hello, I want to inform you that we have completed most of the functionality of the Cabinet.

Functionality available

  • EXEL export transactions from Ardor/Ignis/Bitswift/GPS and Nxt.
Report types
ALL TRANS - All transactions
AE - Trades and Transfer in Asset Exchange
MS - All transactions in Monetary System
TAX - Example for a tax report with a price at the moment.
  • Web-push notifications in Firefox and Chrome

Coming soon (Rescheduled to 2022)

  • E-mail notifications
  • New report types
  • Balance history graph
  • Notification mobile app (IOS, Android)

How to use the Cabinet?

  1. Register — https://www.ardor.world/email/
  2. Log in — https://www.ardor.world/login/
  3. Add Wallet — https://www.ardor.world/cab/add_wallet/
  4. Add Device for notifications (go to the Cabinet from each device and allow notifications on this page.) — https://www.ardor.world/fcm/
  5. Add EXEL report https://www.ardor.world/cab/new_report/
  6. Wait for the DONE status in the report table.



Sergei Chumak

Blockchain enthusiast. Web developer. Creator Ardor.world, Unicorn.art. Favorite blockchain projects: Ardor, Nxt, Ignis.