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Hello, I want to inform you that we have completed most of the functionality of the Cabinet.

Functionality available

Report types
ALL TRANS - All transactions
AE - Trades and Transfer in Asset Exchange
MS - All transactions in Monetary System
TAX - Example for a tax report with a price at the moment.

Coming soon (2021)

How to use the Cabinet?

(Updated on 20 March 2021)

In work

Coming soon


Ardor.World is designed to promote the use of the Nxt and Ardor blockchains.
One of the main tasks is to provide the community with convenient tools for working with blockchains and activity analysis.
The project is non-profit and exists through donations from the community.
All funds received at donation addresses go to rent…

Ignis asset PLTDAO (id: 6847728502891713352)

Good afternoon dear friends! Today I want to present you a project of targeted financing of useful products with source code for the Nxt / Ardor ecosystem.

This project will address the issue of open funding for small community projects. I plan to organize crowdfunding for each task.

For these…

Sergei Chumak

Blockchain enthusiast. Web developer #Python / #Django. Internet marketer. Creator Favorite blockchain projects: $Ardor, $Nxt, $Ignis.

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