Cabinet Open public testing

Hello, I want to inform you that we have completed most of the functionality of the Cabinet.

Functionality available

  • EXEL export transactions from Ardor/Ignis/Bitswift/GPS and Nxt.
Report types
ALL TRANS - All transactions
AE - Trades and Transfer in Asset Exchange
MS - All transactions in Monetary System
TAX - Example for a tax report with a price at the moment.
  • Web-push notifications in Firefox and Chrome

Coming soon (2021)

  • Web-push notifications in Safari
  • Optimizing work speed
  • E-mail notifications
  • New report types
  • Balance history graph
  • Notification mobile app (IOS, Android)

How to use the Cabinet?

  1. Log in —
  2. Add Wallet —
  3. Add Device for notifications (go to the Cabinet from each device and allow notifications on this page.) —
  4. Add EXEL report
  5. Wait for the DONE status in the report table.