Create Token in Nxt Blockchain and NRS v1.12.0e new features

1 min readOct 5, 2019

Nxt blockchain, has many features, this video shows one of them.

How to create a token in an Nxt blockchain and distribute dividends to token holders.

New features NRS v1.12.0e:

Added Asset Dividends payment by asset or currency. This allows paying asset
dividends not only in NXT, but also in any asset or monetary system currency.

Added Asset Properties feature, to allow setting arbitrary name/value metadata
on assets. Any user can set a property on any asset, only the asset issuer or
the user who sets the property can delete it.

Added Asset Increase transaction, allowing asset issuers to increase the total
number of asset shares available.

The Asset Delete History has been renamed to Quantity Change History and now
shows both asset deletion and new shares issuance transactions.
The getAssetDeletes API has been deprecated and a new getAssetHistory API can
be used to retrieve asset deletions, increases, or both.

Asset Dividends by Holding, Asset Properties and Asset Increase are currently
testnet-only features and will be enabled on mainnet at the next planned
hardfork block, exact height to be announced later.

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