Latest news / — 31 May 2022

  • Finished the NFT creation mechanism on IGNIS and launched the micro API.
  • We are working on a trading bot, we are trying to implement the purchase of NFT using other cryptocurrencies.
  • Drawn 15 elements of the first collection

Ardor World Cabinet

  • I am implementing step-by-step processing of transaction history to work with wallets where there are a lot of transactions.
  • We plan to launch the project as a separate service and add other blockchains.
  • Made html layout of the new design.

Ardor.World New Blockchain Explorer

  • We test and clean bugs, optimize the work.
  • There are still many pages left to show all the data from the child chains.

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Together we will make the Ardor ecosystem great!



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Sergei Chumak

Sergei Chumak


Blockchain enthusiast. Web developer. Creator, Favorite blockchain projects: Ardor, Nxt, Ignis.