Ignis asset PLTDAO (id: 6847728502891713352)

Good afternoon dear friends! Today I want to present you a project of targeted financing of useful products with source code for the Nxt / Ardor ecosystem.

This project will address the issue of open funding for small community projects. I plan to organize crowdfunding for each task.

For these purposes, I create an asset on the blockchain Ignis PLTDAO (id: 6847728502891713352). The token will be used to vote on important issues PLTDAO project.


  • The token will be sold on the Ignis Asset Exchange at a price corresponding to ~0.03 USD
  • Tokens will be released 60 million PLTDAO
  • The token is not an investment, but is only a donation for the useful purposes of the Nxt / Ardor community.
  • Donations are made voluntarily and are non-refundable.
    You can follow the news of the project using Twitter https://twitter.com/m4kstep
  • For ideas and suggestions you can contact me personally in the telegrams https://t.me/m4kstep or join the telegrams https://t.me/joinchat/Ci7W2RQPCcDYBqyExE_fqQ

The project is closed because it did not arouse the necessary interest from the community.

The first goal of the project

Software (open source) for the analysis of Nxt, Ardor and childchain blockchains based on Ardor.World developments.

  • Analysis of the blockchain for the number of transactions per day
  • Parsing blocks by transaction type
  • Generation of a list of active (presence of outgoing transactions, a balance of more than 1) wallets and statistics (balance, number of transactions)
  • Generate a list of rich wallets (balance, market price, number of transactions, last active transaction)
  • Uploading transactions in csv, excel (for taxes)
  • Export data to json, excel
  • Instructions to run on Windows, Linux, Mac

The goal is to collect for this task ~4500 $ (150 000 PLTDAO) in Ignis tokens.

Risk Factors / Disclaimer
Do your risk assessment accordingly and carefully, all deposits are non-refundable donation used to the PLTDAO.

Blockchain enthusiast. Web developer #Python / #Django. Internet marketer. Creator http://ardor.world. Favorite blockchain projects: $Ardor, $Nxt, $Ignis.

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