Six reasons why you should buy Nxt?

  1. Nxt has been around for a long time, the network was launched in 2013, while there were still very few forks bitcoin with source code written from scratch.
  2. The team that is working on the project plans to develop the project further. And releases new products based on Nxt. Nxt Roadmap
  3. Periodically, projects appear that launch Nxt clones, and Nxt holders are entitled to 10% of the total number of coins thanks to the JPL license.
  4. In the Nxt blockchain, there are a lot of useful functions that are not in other projects.
    Nxt blockchain is a coin, decentralized messages, decentralized exchanger, asset tokenization, decentralized voting, market place products, cloud storage of small files, an alias system (alternative to DNS).
  5. Nxt blockchain in 5 years gave its original holders up to 598054% ROI.
  6. Nxt has a fairly strong community that regularly makes new projects that improve work with the blockchain. There is a section devoted to Nxt projects on the forum.

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