Unicorn.art / Ardor.World / Intab.me — Latest News May 2023

1 min readMay 24, 2023

Hello dear friends!
I canceled crowdfunding 2023 for personal reasons, but don’t despair.
I’m still here and developing projects that I wrote about earlier.
I will not write more about the future features of the project because it is a big secret.
I no longer want to feed my competitors with ideas, and I will talk about the new only after implementation.
I still have a lot of ideas and plans.
You only need to know…

NFT marketplace Unicorn.art — will be launched!
New blockchain Explorer — the most important project for the Ardor ecosystem — will be launched!
Ardor.World — will be significantly developed and turned into a more functional and useful project!
Intab.me — will be launched and waiting for a lot of interesting functionality!

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Together we will make the Ardor ecosystem great!




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