Unicorn.art NFT marketplace (UART token)

4 min readApr 8, 2022


Dear friends!

Since 2017 I’ve been developing the website Ardor.World. I was inspired to create the project by the idea of custom child chains. This approach looked promising, so I figured there would be a lot of child chains in the near future. When I created Ardor.World, my goal was to provide user-friendly analytics and services to child chain creators.

Unfortunately, the Ardor concept has not become widespread. In fact, today we do not have any active custom child chains. Despite this, I still believe in huge potential of NXT & Ardor. That’s why I’d like to keep developing new projects for this ecosystem, as well as maintaining old ones.

I’m working with NXT since 2014 (https://www.nxter.org/a-week-with-sergei/). My experience gives me a deep knowledge of the API, so I’m going to dedicate myself to developing products on Ardor & NXT.

Right now I have 3 projects in development:
— Unicorn.art — Ignis-based digital assets NFT marketplace: the concept is completed, technical side in development. Unicorn.art is an NFT marketplace with a set of unique features, such as profit sharing for collectors, which motivates them to promote NFT artists;

— A new blockchain explorer: front-end is 100% completed, back-end in progress;

Ardor.World Cabinet (user dashboard): a little cleanup needed, and a new user-friendly design in progress.

The development of these projects requires a lot of time and resources. Now I’m fully focused on Ardor.World and Unicorn.art platforms. In order to have more time, I gave up on any other side projects, but I still need money to live on. That’s why I decided to ask the community for support.

In order to keep on working, I’m launching a crowdfunding campaign. My goal is to raise 1 000 000 IGNIS in exchange of UART assets on Ignis blockchain. When the project becomes profitable, I plan to buy back the UART assets at a fixed ratio: 1 IGNIS per 1 UART. Please consider this as a donation and not as an investment. I cannot guarantee that the project will be profitable, but I will do my best to make it work.

What can UART be used for when Unicorn.art is launched?
- Buying paid ads on the marketplace
- Paying the marketplace fees
- Purchasing of exclusive NFT collections

The crowdfunding campaign will last until May 30th. If the 1 000 000 IGNIS goal is not reached by this date, I will make a full refund of the collected tokens.

How to get UART?

Asset Id: 5268223955829782420

Video instruction — https://youtu.be/4z5YnVQlvYQ

Please participate in the financing of Unicorn.art and Ardor.World.

Together we will make the Ardor ecosystem great!


What if you won’t collect 1 000 000 IGNIS?
If the goal is not reached by 30th May, I will make a full refund of the collected tokens. After that, I will have to look for venture investors. Unfortunately, this approach will require the use of some more well-known blockchain for Unicorn.art.

Why not to look for investors or launch some kind of ICO, IDO, IFO?
ICO / IDO / IFO is a very expensive process. As we all know, any public campaign of this kind takes a huge amount of money for marketing — and these costs are non-refundable. At this stage, my goals do not require such a complex approach. In the future, we may return to the idea of ICO — but only when the technical part is ready.

Risk Factors / Disclaimer
Do your risk assessment carefully. By purchasing UART asset, you confirm that you are making a donation that is not an investment opportunity and does not imply any profit.

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