What is Ardor.World and how does it work?

2 min readOct 18, 2019

Ardor.world is designed to promote the use of the Nxt and Ardor blockchains.
One of the main tasks is to provide the community with convenient tools for working with blockchains and activity analysis.
The project is non-profit and exists through donations from the community.
All funds received at donation addresses go to rent a server, pay for freelancers, or save for future tasks.
From the very beginning of the project, there is a whole list of tasks that will be implemented in the future.
You can offer your idea for improving the project by e-mail support@ardor.world
Now, after 2 years, we already have quite a lot of functionality and plan to expand further.

Unique services


Get Balance Nxt
Nxt Asset Reporting
Nxt Blockchain Analyze
Testnet Nxt faucet
Nxt Rich List
Nxt Forging Top

Ardor (ARDR)

Get Balance Ardor, Ignis, Bitswift, AEUR in USD, BTC
Ardor Coin Exchange Rates
Testnet Ardor faucet
Ardor Blockchain Analyze
Ardor Rich List
AEUR Rich List
Bitswift Rich List
Ardor Forging Top

Ignis (IGNIS)

Ignis Asset Reporting
Testnet Ignis faucet
Ignis Blockchain Analyze
Ignis Rich List
SOUL Faucet

Max Property Group (MPG)

MPG Social Network Feed
MPG Blockchain Analyze
MPG Rich List

Price in Ardor, Ignis, Nxt

Telegram bot Ardor.World

Ardor, Nxt, Ignis Social Feed

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