Ardor.World Roadmap 2021 Update, plans for the year

In work

  • 5 May 2021 — [] NFT Explorer start version (information will be later)
  • (2Q) [Cabinet] Web-push notifications in Safari
  • (2Q) [Cabinet] Optimizing work speed
  • (2Q) [Cabinet] E-mail notifications
  • (2Q) [Cabinet] New design
  • (2Q) Community Telegram Support Program (Telegram bot lottery for being active in the community.)
  • (3Q) Graphic Gallery for Ardor/Nxt memes
  • (3Q) Ardor / Nxt Ecosystem resources(links board)
  • (3Q) [Cabinet] Balance history graph
  • (4Q) [Cabinet] Notification mobile app (IOS, Android)

Coming soon

  • [Cabinet] New report types
  • (Сanceled) Monetary System Report for Ignis and others child chain (analogue
  • (Сanceled) Specific Blochchain Explorer DGS, Data, Alias and child chains
  • Adaptation for mobile devices and adding new languages.




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Sergei Chumak

Sergei Chumak


Blockchain enthusiast. Web developer. Creator, Favorite blockchain projects: Ardor, Nxt, Ignis.